The advantages of wood

Wood is a renewable raw material with unique properties. It is extremely durable and durable and, in addition, 100% natural. This makes it readily used in many branches of the modern economy. Below we present the most important advantages of wood.


- health & esthetics guarantee

  • The timber emits no harmful substances, does not cause any allergies and improves the microclimate of rooms.
  • As a natural product it creates a cosy atmosphere which cannot be replaced by any other material.
  • The surface of timber feels nice thanks to its unique texture and ideal temperature.
  • As a natural product it can be found in the nature in abundance. It enables to arrange interior in different ways and guarantees easthetics.
  • Only wooden windows can be used to restore historic buildings. Woodwork means years of tradition and a part of history.
  • As a material which can be processed easily it gives us the possibility to produce unique and richly decorated frames.
    Wooden frames can be stained or painted with any colour.
  • Among all kinds of construction materials wood requires the smalles amount of energy for production, processing, production of elements and utilisation.
  • Thanks to the modern technology wooden frames are covered with ecological protective coatings.
  • To preserve an environment we are use a "Green Energy"




- quality, resistance and power saving

  • Thanks to high thermal insulation parameters of frames wooden windows guarantee warmth with minimal energy losses.
  • Combined with special glazing and appropriate ferrules, wooden windows live up to the high expectations concerning sun, fire and antiburglar protection.
  • Contrary to the PVC profiles frames of wooden windows and their profiles are resistant against changes in form due to temperature. Thanks to the appliance of appropriate preservatives frames of wooden windows are also weatherproof.
  • Another advantage of wooden windows is that they are safer. During fire the wood does not emit any poisonous substances.



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- the best long-term investment

  • The price of wooden windows is only a little higher than that of PVC windows with similar insulation parameters.
  • The wooden windows are stiff and resistant. They do not undergo a deformation and keep their excellent parameters for a long time.
  • The wooden windows are easy to clean, maintain and preserve.
  • You can change the colour of the wooden frames by painting them.
  • Should they get demaged, they can be repaired.
  • Provided you take care of them, the wooden windows will serve you for many, many years. A wooden window can work for even 90 years.
    Considering their long period of appliance, power saving, resistance and good quality, they prove to be the best long-term investment.
  • The high quality of the modern woodwork gurarantees appreciation of your estate. It is an investment which pays back!


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