Window systems

Modern window systems are technologically advanced products with technical and functional values. Thanks to the use of the best materials available on the market, individual models of our products gain the expected properties. We use components and accessories from renowned European suppliers - all in order to be able to offer our customers the latest generation window systems.

In our products we use, among others systems:

  • energooszczędne – ENERGO 68,78 i 88, ENERGO 68 Casement,
  • Clima Trend 78 oraz 88,
  • Soft Line.

Energy-saving models

We offer profiles for vintage windows and standard design windows in three installation depths: 68 mm, 78 mm, 88 mm. The depth of the window profile affects the thermal insulation. The deeper the window, the warmer it is. Other factors, such as the number of glass packages, also affect the thermal insulation. We install double-glazed and triple-glazed systems in energy-saving windows. Thermal transmittance in models with double glazing is U = 1.0 W / m2, and in three-glazed windows U = 0.5 W / m2 or U = 0.7 W / m2, depending on the model. The heat transfer coefficient U amounting to 1.0 means that 1 W of heat is transferred through 1 m2 of a partition in the form of a window pane per hour, and therefore the lower the coefficient, the better the window insulates heat.


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